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Hart County Library Meeting Room Policy

Approved June 9, 2009 and enacted July 1, 2009. Updated April 11, 2023

The Hart County Library has meeting rooms available for public use, provided as a public service, subject to usage regulations approved by the Hart County Library’s Board of Trustees.  Any requests/applications for the use of the facilities not listed in the following guidelines shall be considered a “special request” and shall be referred to the Library Director or the Board of Trustees for appropriate action.  Please note that the Library Board reserves the right to review any and all requests, and may demand sufficient time to make proper investigations before action is taken on a request/application.

The library is a public facility – all meetings and events held at the library must be open to the public. 


Katherine Hailey Memorial Room (downstairs)
Capacity:  138 (according to City of Hartwell Fire Marshal).
$25.00 for ½ day (4 hours or less)
$50.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours)

Small meeting room (upstairs)
Capacity:  33 (according to City of Hartwell Fire Marshal).
$10.00 for ½ day (4 hours or less)
$20.00 for entire day (up to 8 hours)
Fees may be waived for small groups (3 or less) or for agencies that actively fund the library (City of Hartwell, Hart County Board of Commissioners, Hart County Board of Education, Friends of the Library) at the Library Director’s discretion.


The meeting rooms are provided for community or civic organizations, groups, or individuals when available.  The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s policies or beliefs.

Library activities take precedence over other requests for bookings.

In accepting bookings for the use of the meeting rooms, the library will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, or national origin.

Meeting rooms are booked on a first come, first served basis.  The room can be booked over the telephone.  The adult in charge of the meeting or event must complete a reservation request form prior to the date of requested use.  Reservation request forms may be submitted by fax.
The organization /group booking the meeting area:

  • Cannot charge a fee for attendance at the event.
  • Cannot accept fees OR contributions from persons attending the event.  (Dues, registration fees, or materials fees ARE permitted.)
  • Cannot sell or promote any products/services/materials in the library facility or on the library grounds, unless directly related to a specific library-sponsored or Friends of the Library event.
  • Cannot use the name/address of the library as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
  • Cannot use the rooms(s) more than 12 times per year without approval from the Library Board of Trustees.


A representative of the organization or group using the room is required to sign an Agreement assuming responsibility for use of the room.  Appropriate fee(s) must be paid prior to the event.

Library meeting rooms are generally to be reserved for use during normal library hours of operation.  If a group needs to use a room outside of regular hours, a member of the Library staff or of the Board of Trustees (subject to their availability) must be present to oversee library facilities.  For hourly-paid library personnel, a compensation fee of $15.00 per hour (pro rated) for the scheduled meeting time must be paid by the using organization.  This fee is not required when a member of the Library Board of Trustees provides the oversight.  The fee applies to all users of the library facilities.

The library staff is not responsible for set up of the meeting room.

The library shall not be responsible for providing any special equipment for the group’s use.  The group may use any library-owned materials or equipment in the room and the adult in charge of the meeting or event must be responsible for setting up any such material or equipment.  The library does not furnish cooking/serving utensils or coffeemakers.

Neither the Library Board of Trustees nor the Library staff assumes any responsibility for loss, theft or damage incurred to personal or rental property brought into the building or onto the library grounds. 

Neither the Library Board of Trustees nor the Library staff assumes any liability for any injury to any person(s) during the time the premises are used.

Neither the Library Board of Trustees nor the Library staff assumes any liability for vehicles or equipment on the library grounds.

If a meeting or event in progress disturbs regular library operations, the library reserves the right to immediately terminate the meeting or event.  The group, upon notification of a disturbance, shall immediately discontinue the disturbance or vacate the premises.


  • The director must approve any requests to serve food/drinks prior to any meetings.
  • No red or dark punch may be served.
  • Flammable materials are prohibited (i.e., candles, incense, etc.).
  • No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, gambling, firearms, or tobacco shall be permitted in the library facility.
  • All state and local fire codes must be observed in addition to all other city codes and ordinances.

Users are expected to remove and dispose of all their materials, papers, trash, etc. when they have finished using the room.  Any extraordinary cleaning costs due to excessive dirt, grime, wear and tear on the facility will be billed to the organization.  The group using the facilities must accept full responsibility for leaving the room in the same condition as it was found. 

The room will be inspected by a library staff member before and after use by the group and any damage will be reported.  Costs for repairing any damage occurring during use by the group shall be paid by the group.  If janitorial services are required following use, the cost of such services shall also be paid by the group.

The library reserves the right to deny future access to the library facility if a group fails to comply with each policy.

The library will provide a complete copy of its policies concerning use of the meeting room at the time it is reserved for use and have the adult in charge sign an acknowledgment that these rules have been read and that the group agrees to abide by them.


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